Some of the most enviable lifestyles originated from rural and small town communities. People gathered for quilting bees, Saturday picnics, barn raisings, and helped each other during the harvest.

They also nurtured solitude which helped access their quiet inner voice. They witnessed the first birdsong of daybreak, tended their gardens, and read and journaled by the hearth.

As well, they faced challenges head on, walking -- or running -- straight into all that nature could deliver, while developing a keen sense of the natural world's language still hidden from much of humanity.

This Country Living Hub is for restoring the best of those times, with today's new social and sustainable living understandings. Even those who aren't currently living in the country, but plan to, or who simply adapt country living spirit to urban settings... we're glad you're here.

Country Living Hub articles:

(For farming how-tos, see also Center for Micro Eco-Farming and/or Regenerative Agrarian

Wheat Colored
Wheat Colored "Home Sweet Farmhouse" Throw Pillow
by Countryside_Home


"farm gal" on women's hoodie
by Countryside_Home

Enjoy this unique collection of greeting cards that celebrate the countryside, gardens and nature. Choose from the designs as created, easily customize with your own text, or in some cases, upload your own farm, garden or family images. Friendship, Good Luck, Encouragement, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, May Day, Easter, Springtime, Happy Autumn, Winter Celebrations, Picnic/Potluck/BBQ invitations and more:

Full Card Shop: Nature, Garden, Country Scenes
Full Card Shop: Nature, Garden, Country Scenes
by Nature, Garden, Country Scene Cards

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