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Here are the latest additions and updates for Great Group Activities' "Micro Eco-Farming" and "Regenerative Agrarian" sites. This blog lets you easily know what's brand new and what has been updated in those topics of eco-farming. We leave "Fantasy Writing" out of this page. However, we do include articles from our Agritourism Farming Hub which helps farmers succeed with an agritourism component to their farms. And, we include articles from our Country Living Hub, which includes articles on the social enjoyment of country living, such as enjoying potlucks and hosting book groups. Both of those hubs can be found by scrolling near the bottom of the home page.

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Growing wheatgrass for self and for stream of income

Single mother earns living growing wheatgrass in basement

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living in the country

Living in the country is a lifestyle many of us cherish: How to live rural, to connect with community, to earn a living, and more

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Micro farming and local farm living

MEF cottage 1

The hub for the eco-micro farming and local farm living worlds -- rural to urban

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Your agritourism farm: Starting small


Easing into Agritourism: Slow and small may be the farm owners’ best route

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Want to offer a B&B on your farm? Here are less expensive alternatives

trailer on farm

Though historic Victorian B&Bs are lovely, you can offer an on-farm B&B experience for far less expense and labor. Here are some low-key possibilities.

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