Images to inspire fantasy fiction writers...

Copyright National Lilac Publish, LLC. Photos below are copyright registered and shared here in lower dpi for expansion on screens for individual writers and writers' groups seeking visual writing prompts and sources for descriptions and settings.

A written prompt is below each image in hopes the viewer can adjust the screen depending on whether the prompt is desired or not.

In many cases, there is a larger dpi version for purchase for print. Please contact using the form below.

Photos are not offered for removal from this site for digital or other publication. For that, there are many free image sites, and millions of people with their own digital cameras to take their own photos.

We start with the harvest season...

(See here for more on actual Cinderella pumpkins)

Go here for a simple scarecrow-building how to

How about a couple of swan scenes:

It's cold outside on this medieval Old European day, and three strangers enter this pub and sit down together for a meal. One of them darts his eyes swiftly around the pub, then quietly says to the other two, "....

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