A monthly writing image & prompt. Plus, a 10-minute timer below the image.

Return each month for this practice which will  nurture the neural pathways of the brain that open the gates to your own story.

Whether looking for new material or already writing a story:
1. Grab a pen and notebook
2. Set the 10-minute timer below, and write non-stop till the timer goes off.
   Even if you're writing, "I don't know what to write," just keep writing. This can do remarkable things for your inner storyteller who's trying to strengthen and manifest!

Here's for May 2021 (in honor of Beltane):

  Brought to you by the e-book:  Build 100 Worlds

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Is this situation happening on earth, or on another planet? Or, is it taking place in a dimension beyond 3rd dimensional earth and planets? Are the young woman's wings costume or can she invoke the wings whenever she feels safe to do so? Does wearing the wings help her have the sight to see the fae and elemental realms? What does the light being she is holding feel like in her hands? What offering or promise or action did she provide that allowed it to be seen by her and to trust being seen by her?

A new image and prompt put up near the beginning of each month.

Brought to you by the e-book: Build 100 Worlds

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