When you tap into and strike up conversations with your imagination -- the place where your greatest stories and novels reside -- it wakes up, and loves being listened to and trusted.

Here's a monthly (or so) practice, just ten minutes (or keep going if you choose), to open and strengthen that communication pathway.

1. Grab a pen and notebook.

2. View the image and any text beneath it.

3. Start the 10-minute timer (below image).

4. Have your imagination start a scene or story based on how it responded to the image and text.

5. Write continually non-stop until time is up. Even if you write, "I don't know what to write, I don't know what to write..." that's okay. It still works to build bridges to that buried voice.

For March 2024

indian princessWhat is the name of the planet, realm, or time period on earth of this scene? What type of magical powers does this person have? Your character is standing in front of this person. Is your character relieved, afraid, dreading? If your character could say something to this seated person right now, what would that be?

New image and writing prompt put up near the beginning of each month.

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