Starting or expanding an agritourism business?

The New Agritourism book covers hosting local community and tourists on the farm and in the rural community.

Order The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm by Barbara Berst Adams

Published by New World Publishing,

Also from Barnes & Noble, and sold through various USA universities

From the author: "Along with experience in agritourism from our own farm and neighboring farms, my husband and I traveled across the USA (and world) to research and photograph this title. Below is a shot of the scrapbook about writing, photographing and painting the cover art for The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm.

If you use a magnifying glass -- you might even be able to read the text!"

In The New Agritourism: Hosting Community and Tourists on Your Farm, you will find:

  • Your farm or rural community can thrive when agritourism is authentic to your farm and your farm family, or to your rural community. This agritourism book goes deeper than describing cookie cutter shallow "farm  entertainment."
  • Chapter-length in-depth profiles and direct voices of real farmers show how they added agritourism, and are now thriving and loving their lifestyle. Agritourism books, as this one does, need to show more than one way and more than one viewpoint, and to give farmers choices. You may be very surprised at how much fun farmers are having and how the bottom line has increased for them!
  • You'll find innovative and quite pleasant, natural ways to generate agritourism customers who love your farm and become faithful to its products.
  • You'll discover you can start small. Agritourism books, as this one does, need to show how farmers test the waters with a small friendly group and perhaps only a couple of hours once a year, then grow from there if they desire.
  • You'll discover a gold mine of customers in your own community you may not have thought of. As agribusiness books must do, this one makes you aware of deep-rooted trends that have recently arrived or are on the horizon, and new customers in this century not available to farms of the previous century, nor spoken of in past farming books.
  • You'll find sources for specific, often free mentoring pertaining to your particular region and situation, including free farm business advisors in your region.
  • You'll read the voices of other authorities -- attorneys, small business consultants, and marketing experts. Agritourism books must serve farmers by treating their farms as the businesses they really are, deserving the best that all businesses reach for.
  • You can read a fascinating epilogue revealing worldwide agritourism insights we can all learn from found only in this agritourism book, from an eco-village in South Africa to Crete olive pressing to the French countryside.
  • You'll enjoy professional B&W photography by the author and her husband, as well as from sources around North America and the world.
  • Foreword by Dan Sullivan, who was senior editor at Rodale Institute and formerly with Organic Gardening Magazine
  • Also praised and recommended by HortIdeas Magazine, Brent Warner --  British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, and Gere Gettle -- founder of The Heirloom Gardener Magazine


A how-to book could not have been written any more beautifully and/or offer greater inspiration.

This book is very timely, given that the world is going through a period in which environmental problems such as global warming, decreasing agricultural productivity, and rising prices of staples, are severely felt by many people in the world.

The book offers lucid explanations, real life examples and cases, supported by beautiful photos. Adams’ book takes the reader on an exciting yet relaxing journey, showing step-by-step how to establish and run an agritourism business. The book targets people who either are entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs and who may be interested in combining farming and tourism. The book also offers a wide variety of sources and resources for the reader to get further support from.

The book, however, is also a valuable resource for scholars interested in the practice of agritourism.   -- Erdogan Koc: Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey, excerpted from Publications in review / Annals of Tourism Research Vol. 35, No. 4, Printed in Great Britain


The author has based this book both on her personal experiences at farm events open to the public and on far-ranging research—we think she has covered essentially all of the possibilities for agritourism (including some ideas we hadn’t heard about before, such as hosting professional chefs). But probably the most important chapters of the book are those on making a business plan, legal considerations, and promotional activities.

We expect that reading The New Agritourism would greatly enhance the odds for successful establishment and operation of an agritourism business. – HortIdeas, July/August


Farmers worldwide have rediscovered a new crop: Agritourism! This new book provides inspiration and practical information to increase farm revenue and build support for local agriculture.

The 'good food' movement is a quiet revolution sweeping the countryside and connecting farmers to the communities they serve. More than ever, consumers want to know where their food and other farm products come from, how they were produced and who grew or raised them. The New Agritourism inspires producers to capitalize on this phenomenon and teaches them how, illuminating readers that opening one's farm gates to the public can be both personally rewarding and profitable. -- Dan Sullivan, Senior editor, Rodale Institute, former editor of Organic Gardening Magazine


The New Agritourism is the new authority for making your small farm work. Learn to beat the big guys at their own game by making a natural small farm that will draw crowds and bring fun and profit to your farm. Barbara's book deals with all the elements that are needed to be successful in today's age of mass-marketing, super stores and mega-farms. An exciting book that will become a small farm classic.
- Jere Gettle, Owner, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.


Having been a horticulturist and extension agent working in direct marketing and agritourism for over 30 years I found this book by Barbara Berst Adams to be a refreshing glimpse into the new agriculture that is emerging across this continent, and around the world. The young people getting into farming today are looking at doing things differently, and that involves getting their customers back to the farm. I found her writing to be inspiring and I would encourage farm operators and new entrants to agriculture to immerse themselves in this eloquently written overview of what I hope the new millennium in agriculture will be. -- Brent Warner, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture

Order The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm by Barbara Berst Adams

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