Truck insurance: Many trucks are for both personal use and business, but some stay mainly on the property & are rarely driven on the road. Some aren't registered or licensed for the road, but need coverage for their truck for the times they do drive off the property


There are many types of truck insurance, but those for large trucks for large commercial ag businesses are different than those for smaller independent local producers. Often these smaller and mid-sized trucks are insured as both personal transportation and farm work together. But sometimes a truck that isn't even licensed or registered and isn't used for personal use at all and stays mostly on the property still needs insurance protection from damage and needs to be legally on the road at times. Even it can possibly find truck insurance that matches its uses without having to get it licensed and registered.

Here's an example (from one USA state) of what we've observed can be available for the unique situation described below of needing farm truck insurance, to give an idea of the many types of truck insurance choices that may be available to you in your own state. But each state is different and of course they change their truck insurance policies over time. Consider this a starting point just from what we've observed, then look into the policies currently available in your state, as we're sharing observances and are not legal advisors or insurance agents.

So, perhaps you have a vehicle that isn't even licensed or registered, it is used to haul hay to the barn or drive compost to distant fields. But still, there are times it needs to go on the road, such as for vehicle maintenance or to haul fencing supplies. You must drive it legally on the road, and you don't want to chance an uninsured accident that could risk the whole farm. But you also prefer to avoid having to get it licensed, registered, and then paying for full truck insurance premiums for a vehicle that is driven on the road so rarely. As an example below from one state (PA), check to see if insurance in your own state offers anything similar to the following:

For one type of insurance for this kind of vehicle that's for the business only and isn't registered or licensed, if the gross vehicle weight is 10,000 lbs. or less they can be insured to be driven on the road for hauling the business's products and supplies, and for maintenance and repair between sunrise and sunset as long as it's within 50 miles of the owner's property.

A similar insurance policy for vehicles up to 17,000 lbs. restricts the road driving to 25 miles from the property unless it's for vehicle maintenance which can be further away. And also only between sunrise and sunset.

Most small independent eco-producers won't be concerned with vehicles weighing more than 17,000 lbs., but in that case, they can only be on the road within a 10 mile radius, and also only during daylight hours and only up to 25 miles away for maintenance.

If, instead, you drive a regularly licensed and registered truck you use for both personal use and eco-producer business use, you may still be able to save money on truck insurance if you use it enough for your business. See our article on that type of truck insurance here.

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