Farm truck insurance: Need to use that truck for personal use, also?

Farm truck insurance can cost less than regular vehicle insurance, but for smaller independent local farms, that farm truck may also be needed for personal use. Some farmers are able to save money and qualify their truck for both uses for the better price of the farm truck policy. Here are some examples of what has worked for some farmers, and might be a starting point for you to look into to see if something similar is available for you if you qualify.


All states and companies are unique regarding farm truck insurance, but some locations allow that if the truck is used on and for the farm, but also for errands such as doctor appointments, grocery shopping, taking the kids to school, etc., a farm truck insurance policy might be able to replace a regular auto insurance policy which could save you money.

Qualifications may include that you use the truck for at least 50% of the time for your business in order for protection for personal use to be available. And of course, with the truck licensed and registered like any other personal vehicle, there most likely are no restrictions for the time of day it can be driven in order to get this less expensive policy.

This is a money-saving tip we've learned from various farmers around the country, but we are not licensed insurance brokers nor giving legal or financial advice. Be sure to check your own state's current truck insurance offerings and shop around. Also, if you already have other types of insurance such as general farm or ranch insurance, there may already be some coverage for the vehicles used for your business, and that could determine what, if any, extra coverage you need for your truck.

If you have an unlicensed and unregistered truck used mostly on the farm and only for your farm business, but need it to be on the road at times for maintenance or for hauling farm equipment or produce, see our article here on that type of truck insurance.

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