Planning a wedding on a farm? How-to articles, themes, resources, tips and ideas

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Are you considering a wedding on a farm? Want it to be enchanting? Unique? Memorable? Welcome to the Great Group Activities hub just for you if you’re interested in holding your marriage ceremony on a farm, as well as information on other creative wedding celebrations.

Country weddings, including weddings on actual working farms, have grown very popular, yet each one is charmingly unique and memorable.

My own wedding was held in an historic rural-town Victorian-turned-quilt museum, and I’ve been researching and interviewing the topic of weddings on farms and in country settings for almost a decade as an author of The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm and magazine feature writer.

I’ve been involved with weddings on lavender farms, on flower farms, in small rural herb gardens, on large sprawling country estates and even cattle ranches. With two professional event planners in my family and an extraordinary wedding cake baker, we’ve seen a lot and have a lot of information to share. Plus, the other Great Groups authors have much to share with you as well.


DIY Wedding Flowers: Take your wedding group out to the country to pick your own and assemble your own wedding flowers

Barn Dance: Great for a country wedding reception

May Day Celebration: Adapt the traditional May Day celebration for a springtime wedding

Bonfire: Adapt this bonfire activity for your wedding -- an autumn wedding would be especially suiting

Second Wedding Ceremony: Great ideas that work very well for a wedding on a farm.

Treasure Hunt: Adapt a treasure hunt to your country wedding. Want the kids to find the wedding favors treasure hunt style? Want the guys to find out where to crash the bachelorette party treasure hunt style?

Top 22 Favorite Farm Wedding Ideas from Real Weddings

Countryside Weddings: Reflections on what makes three country ceremonies work so well

Country wedding invitations

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(This hub is the landing page for those planning their wedding on a farm. If instead you’re a rural land owner seeking information on hosting weddings as an agritourism business, you may be interested in The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm

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