Today in Anacortes, there was a gathering to celebrate. Close to a thousand acres of the San Juan Island area has been designated a National Monument by the president of the United States.

Our beautiful islands will now be protected forever. As a bonus, we believe it will bring more eco-friendly dollars to the area as well in the form of eco-sensitive tourism and related job creation.

When you live in or near the San Juan Islands and its surrounding islands (including Fidalgo Island -- the drive-on island that holds the town of Anacortes), you get to experience the paradise that's here because you can take advantage of the many sunny days and misty mornings that burn off to glorious watercolor-like sunshine (as in the photo above).

You come to know the seabirds and whales and seals, the starfish and miniature rock crabs. And you know there is something very worth protecting.

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