Need group T-shirts?

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Group T shirts for all ages – adults or kids (or other matching group wearables such as group customized hoodies, group embroidered polo shirts, etc.) are needed for many group activities from family reunions to walking clubs to kids’ camps.

Here’s how you can either create a few T shirts for your group at home DIY, or customize unique pre-designed T shirts online -- or design from scratch your very own quality T shirts, hoodies, jackets, ties, socks and other clothing items through our Zazzle stores and account.

Customized group T shirts online

Here's how you can either create group T shirts online completely from scratch, or customize online pre-designed shirts through our Zazzle connection. Full color is no problem, and you can choose from numerous T shirt styles and colors. There’s no charge to go online and design – you don’t ever have to purchase any. Once you do, you can buy from one to hundreds. Specific links are below:

- For designing T-shirts for your group from scratch or customizing hundreds of pre-existing designs from artists around the world.

- For creating all kinds of matching group apparel from ties to hats to hoodies to jackets, and even shoes!

DIY group T shirts

It's also fun to make your own matching T-shirts from home. Craft stores have iron-on stencils for T-shirts. You can also design your own text or images on your computer, and print them out on blank iron-on transfer paper available at fabric or craft stores.

Warning: If printing your own iron-on tranfers, we suggest printing just one out and applying it first to just one shirt to see how it looks before printing all the transfer paper only to find the words are backwards or the image isn’t seen well enough on your chosen shirts. Read and follow all the instructions on the transfer paper, and make sure someone in your group owns the correct type of printer needed before purchasing the paper (the transfer paper’s package should describe what kind of printer is needed). Cost of colored cartridges should be considered when determining the total price of your group’s T shirts.

Fun ideas for making your own T shirts for your group

Whether you iron on your own wording or image, or make your own T-shirts online, consider printing just a black outline of the words or image on the T-shirts. Then, supply fabric markers or fabric paint to your group so each can color in his or her own shirts.

Fabric paint and markers are available at craft outlets.

There are also tie-dye kits at craft stores. Your group could enjoy tie-dying white T-shirts in light multiple colors as a group activity. Then, you could iron-on your group’s matching logo, wording or image in bold black over the tie dye once it has properly dried and “cured.”

Have fun!

Girls' pony or own words, own image T-Shirt
Girls' pony or own words, own image T-Shirt
by Countryside_Home

Boys' farm or own words, own image T-Shirt
Boys' farm or own words, own image T-Shirt
by Countryside_Home

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