DIY wedding flowers as a group activity for country weddings

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Considering DIY wedding flowers? Hi, Amy Rose here. For country weddings, flowers and their charming, simple arrangements can be turned into a pre-wedding group activity that takes the group to local pick-your-own flower farms or even wild flower meadows where picking flowers is legal and not detrimental to the environment.

Where I live, farmers have daisies that pop up in their hay fields, and the rural roadsides are often blooming with wild honeysuckle, fireweed and foxglove (be sure to get permission from the landowner or county before picking. And be kind if the answer is no... there is wildlife that may have its food source disrupted if flowers are removed, and farmers who ordinarily wouldn't mind you picking from their fields, but clauses in their liability insurance don't allow it). Nearby u-pick flower farms are a great replacement for picking in the wild. Like me, you may have nearby fields of lavender, tulips, daffodils, autumn dahlias and mixed flower u-pick farms. There are even u-pick flower farms that cultivate native wildflowers for bouquets. Casual farm-picked or wildflower wedding bouquets add a natural look to ceremonies, replacing formality with nature’s way of beautifying the world.

DIY wedding flower arrangements with simple country charm

I’ve seen brides purposely mismatch vases, gathering simple or rustic containers including metal pitchers and glass canning jars from friends or flea markets. For the bride’s bouquet, our Rural Community author Barb Adams strolled with her fiance through a farmer’s market the day before the wedding and chose an explosively colorful bouquet of dahlias already arranged by the farmers, then wrapped the stems in muslin and cording right before walking down the aisle.

Finding a source of u-pick flowers

You need a source of both flowers and greenery such as fern fronds or shrub branches. But be creative even if this is a winter wedding. I’ve made beautiful winter arrangements with nothing but fresh cut winter branches from evergreen cedars along with white baby’s breath that had been harvested, dried and stored over the summer. Find nearby flower farmers at or via your cooperative extension agent.

Putting flowers in the vases

Immediately after picking, get flowers and greenery out of the sun and into buckets of room temperature water. Be sure to first remove leaves that will be submersed in water in the vases you'll be using. If you’ve cut roses, put each stem end underwater first, then snip off a little more of the end again underwater so that no air can seal the end which would prevent water from entering the plant. Roses seal especially fast. The little piece you cut off will float to the water's surface where you can easily grasp and discard it.

Here’s a simple plan for arranging diy wedding flowers in their vases: first choose a larger central flower, then add slightly shorter and smaller flowers and greenery around the center one.

Though florists usually arrange flowers with a balanced mix of wispy (such as baby's breath) and large flowers, your natural wedding flowers can follow nature's patterns where you might find drifts of all one type and size of flower, or just one small wildflower peaking out from a deep sea of greenery. Each bouquet can even be different from the others.

I think country wedding bouquets look best without too many florist embellishments such as lots of heavy ribbon or sparkles. But consider affixing realistic looking butterflies, dragonflies or birds (found in craft stores) to long, thin natural branches and placing them in with the bouquets.

If you want to get more formal as in the photo to the right, and are interested in making your own

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  • wrist corsages
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  • floral hair pieces
  • posies
  • cake toppers
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  • tussie-mussies
  • a cascading bridal bouquet
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  • candy bouquets
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  • a crescent bouquet
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