Corporate activities can cut losses and increase profits

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Success has a secret: Certain corporate activities and a positive group environment can increase overall happiness, loyalty, and productivity.

Corporate scavenger hunts and other ways to play

Whether you create recreational areas at the corporate office or set up planned events such as corporate scavenger hunts, true recreation can bond employees like nothing else.

Do make sure the same guy or gal who’s always bossing everyone around at work isn’t the same one who dominates the recreation (if Tom is the boss, don’t force everyone to play the one card game Tom loves and is good at).

Movie days as regular corporate activities

The group can either share a movie and popcorn once a month at work or invite family/friends to all meet at a local theater one evening a month. Live plays may also be an option.

Co-workers can also offer to trade homes for this event, without pressure to force everyone to host. For those who can’t host, perhaps they can be in charge of snacks that would please everyone’s taste, so they feel they’re also an important contributor.

Relaxation sessions

Co-worker activities that foster team bonding should also include some form of group relaxation. When inner calm is reached, groups automatically entrain to a more unified field with fellow humans. Missed days from work also tend to go down.

Since different co-worker spiritual beliefs may contrast – some preferring “prayer” while others would like a group “meditation,” keep it simply to group relaxation sessions. Either learn how to conduct sessions yourself or preferably, bring in someone who teaches the Relaxation Response or HeartMath, and over time, team bonding can improve remarkably.

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