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I've found two great realtors!

For those looking to move to Anacortes, Skagit Valley, Whidbey Island, or San Juans, I've found a favorite realtor who serves Anacortes realty and these surrounding areas. She’s great for those seeking a home in or near Anacortes, for those seeking acreage or horse property, and she also has experience working with the military.

For those selling property in Anacortes and the surrounding area (Skagit Valley, Whidbey Island, etc.) -- perhaps moving away or selling a commercial property -- and are looking for a trustworthy and highly efficient real estate agent to sell your property, I’ve found another awesome real estate agent whom I would use to sell if I were in that situation. He is described more at the bottom of this page.

Connect right away with either of these -- letting me know whether you’re selling property in/near Anacortes or moving to/near Anacortes -- using the form below.

Or, read more about them both below, starting with the first one if you’re moving to our beautiful area.

Moving or buying property here?

How can I not love a realtor who also loves horses?...

When it comes to Anacortes realty, as well as the rest of Skagit County and nearby Island County including Whidbey Island -- this person is my choice for moving here or buying here. I’ve come to know her as a friend as you can read more about below.

As a newby to Anacortes almost 30 years ago, I had dealt with numerous other realtors to sell our previous homes, and for finding our first rental in Anacortes before we purchased property. There, we lived while we searched for the Fidalgo Island acreage we wanted to invest in. Also, I worked with other Anacortes realtors while helping a wealthy friend find Anacortes property, and helping an investing relative find property in the Anacortes area. Finally, I also worked with an Anacortes realtor to purchase view rural acreage where we eventually built our country home.

So from that past experience, I knew I'd found a great person and a great realtor in my new friend. Naturally, it's important that she has 23 successful years experience in the business. Anacortes realty (as well as our other surrounding beautiful islands and valley in Island County and Skagit County) are now her full time passion. She takes her clients’ money and business end of real estate very seriously.

But for me, it's also because she's so, well, human and understanding. She sees the value in everyone’s story no matter what they're looking to buy or sell, and knows that all people have their personal or business goals when it comes to Anacortes homes and property that are just as precious to them as hers are to herself.

Plus, as someone with long-time family connections in the area -- she knows of the many nooks and crannies we have around here as far as Anacortes real estate potential. Like me, she loves and appreciates the beauty of fine architecture and houses of any stature -- but she's also got a touch of country girl in her and understands a range of real estate situations from those involved in luxury homes with sweeping views (Anacortes has some stunners) to various investment situations to those wanting that perfect starter or rural family home.

She and I share a love for horses, we both grew up with them. In her case, she scrimped and saved allowance and went without lunch to save the lunch money so she could go to the stable and pay for an hour of riding. (I was the spoiled one. My grandfather and dad made sure I had a pony or horse from grade school on up.)

She and her horses moved to our beautiful island town of Anacortes a while back where she has two grown kids.

We both love to walk and hike the local trails regardless of the weather. And, we both like to attend community events.

Once again, if you’re interested in Anacortes, Skagit Valley and Whidbey Island realty, especially if moving here or buying here, here’s the form again below where you can contact her. She’ll be happy to listen to your needs, and can show you lots of neat listings or whatever it is you’re looking for.


Want to sell a property in Anacortes, Skagit Valley, Whidbey Island or a bit beyond (maybe even San Juan Islands?)

The second realtor is one of those who loves and lives his job. He loves receiving new listings for those moving away or selling property in the Skagit and Island counties, and knows and applies every angle for finding the right type of buyer for those selling property in Anacortes, Whidbey Island, Skagit Valley, and in some cases the San Juan Islands.

While some realtors only sell to a certain market, such as first time home buyers, I know that when I’ve sold real estate before, I wanted someone who had deep understanding and connections with all types of buyers, not just first time home buyers who expected move in ready and wanted only conventional colors and appliances.

For example, let’s say the home you’re selling is somewhat eccentric or quirky. There are buyers outside the conventional first time home buyers who may love such a property.

Or, let’s say the Anacortes home you want to sell is somewhat of a fixer upper. You don’t have time or capital to make repairs, you just want it sold. But you don’t want to be taken advantage of and sell for too low of a price, either, just because it isn’t picture perfect yet. Once again, you’d want a realtor who accepts your property just as it is, and is willing to look for buyers who would love it that way.

But selling a fixer upper to those who want move in ready and who would have homeowners’ repair headaches down the road would not be the answer, and this realtor doesn’t try to sell to the wrong type of buyer. But, what about a couple who love older homes and he is a handyman and she’s very good at restoring interiors? Or what about a property investor who could offer you a good price quickly and be happy to make the repairs as an investment of his own? This realtor looks for win-wins where neither buyer nor seller are taken advantage of. And my focus with him is especially on those selling in the area vs. those moving to the area.

To connect quickly with him, please use the contact form below.

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