Anacortes churches & other beautiful structures

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The Anacortes churches around town range from historic and commanding to quaint and cozy. I've been inside several of them -- one to enjoy their Wednesday evening silent meditation gatherings, and others for various other community activities.

I figured I'd include other intriguing and historic structures around Anacortes on this page also, sort of a catch-all for beautiful places of inspiration or education. They offer enjoyable group activities on their own.

And as far as the churches, when you're moving to a new town and already belong to a specific church, once you find yours in your new town, it's a great way to meet new people. If you don't belong to a specific one and want to shop around, some of them offer great group activities for the public such as choir performances, speakers and discussion groups. I recall enjoying a traveling Gregorian chant group that came to town and performed near Christmas in one of the Anacortes churches. 

Above is a shot of the Westminster Presbyterian church. It's been in Anacortes for more than a hundred years. 

Here's another lovely Anacortes church on a sunny summer day, shaded by the native big-leaf maple tree. It's the Christ episcopal church on 7th street. They offer everything from the traditional blessing of the animals to Centering Prayer gatherings and book groups exploring other types of spiritual inquiry.

More Anacortes churches to come.

You can't see too much of the Anacortes museum above behind all the trees. But it's a great old building, and offers ongoing school and community events.

This is the W.T. Preston, an historic steamboat parked permanently in Anacortes next to where they hold the farmers market. It was the last sternwheeler to work the Puget Sound area, starting in 1929, and only one other such boat now remains in the contiguous United States. Very inexpensive tours are offered frequently, plus it's just a humbling feeling to get up close to it from the outside.

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