A fun Anacortes chocolate & bodywork event

On a Sunday afternoon at the Anacortes Center for Happiness downtown, I attended a fun, eccentric one-of-a-kind gathering. The backdrop of the event was chocolate -- they had white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate herbal tea, hot chocolate made by melting chocolate in a crock pot, and chocolate mini-cupcakes. I enjoyed mostly the white chocolate, as I’m not a huge fan of that brown stuff, although the aroma was enchanting.

The photo to the left is a shot of the third story loft in the old Keystone building where the Center has a ballroom and holds many of its great group activities, including this one.

The goodies were set out on tables along the edges. The middle of the room was left open for the activities described below.

It was organized by four women -- the owner of the Center herself, a Nia and Reiki teacher, a massage therapist, and a lady who gives wonderful natural facials and foot rubs (on this night, she was just demonstrating foot and calf rubs using chocolate shea butter). There were around 15 or so other women in attendance. We started out with 45 minutes of Nia.

Then, we scattered about to try different chocolate treats while we waited our turn at one of three stations to try chair massage, Reiki, or the shea butter foot and leg rub. While waiting, we visited with people we already knew, or connected with new people.

No matter what the event, there always seems to be a sort of golden glow up in the ballroom where the Anacortes Center for Happiness holds its events.

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