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Find replicable great group activities here!

We see a world of meaningful human-to-human live group  gatherings. And these go on to create vibrant small towns, cultured rural lands, and cities filled with wholesome community activities.

Please join us!

Here are replicable ideas and how-tos for adults to use with all age groups they're involved with  -- from casual friendship groups or neighborhoods to ideas for parents and camp or workshop leaders. There's even an article on starting a club from scratch if you don’t already have friendships!

We start with many great group activities for:

        - All ages (either just grown-ups or mixed ages)

        - Kids and youth.

      - There's a section on group activity oriented wedding projects such as gathering to make hand-made invitations or group ritual ideas.

Then there are 2 special hubs on Real Communities:

        - Small Town Living hub is for restoring and enriching small town culture from the inside out. While pre-planned intentional communities serve their purpose -- this hub is for reviving (and finding and moving to) already existing small towns.

      - The Living in the Country hub is for restoring and reviving rural communities both culturally and financially through a variety of great group activities.

      (Living in the Country branches off to our sister site: Micro Eco-Farming --  how-tos for backyard to small acreage eco-farming: alternative healthier honeybee hives, backyard chicken how-tos, growing herbs and heirlooms, profiles of thriving small eco-farms, and much more.)

Then we have a popular small group micro-business section:

      - This special section on group activities for income revolves around either legitimate home or small town businesses done with friends, family, or community, or, self-owned businesses you may want to start that involve working with groups doing various live group interactions.

Fun group activity merchandise:

       - Finally, Need group T-shirts?  Group badges?  Group hats for your group activity (shopping here REALLY helps support this site).

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