Want to visit Sedona? Here's my story, with suggestions on things to do there

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It was a perfect time to visit Sedona, AZ, and here’s what I learned about visiting there.

I arrived at the Phoenix airport and was picked up by a long-time AZ resident friend, business associate, and powerful Reiki master who gives individual sessions as well as Reiki workshops in Arizona. (See more about his Reiki below).

The drive there: We were driving along in a somewhat typical anemic colored AZ desert from Phoenix towards Sedona. And then it started -- a few splotches of distant red rock. And then you go around a corner and almost suddenly a whole new world appears before your eyes -- easily feels like a hidden portal to a different realm.

Must-see inspired village Our first stop before checking in at our lodging was Tlaquepaque for a Mexican meal.(See photo left).

This is an outdoor art/boutique/restaurant area that looks like an inspired Southwestern village. I had come from the damp Pacific Northwest and it felt like heaven to sit out on the veranda and be served our food without feeling chilled. The temperature was in the mid 80s and that was perfect in the shade.

I strongly suggest if you're going to visit Sedona -- check out this place, even if it’s just for a stopover for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Reiki in Sedona: I was treated to a private Reiki session after dinner -- which was like Nirvana after having traveled by air and car to get to Sedona. I could feel tension both from present and past dissipate as I lay on the massage table while this Reiki master worked on me.

He has learned a number of other complementary energy healing modalities and now has a sort of signature of his own he customizes to each individual. For years, he both gave Reiki sessions and taught Reiki workshops in Arizona, but he has since moved to Sedona, so he's readily available there if you visit Sedona.

If you'd like more information directly about him, please inquire with your specific details and needs in the form below.

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Temperatures while there: It was September. Temperatures were in the mid-80s and reached 90 during the trip, which was just what I was hoping.

I was there on business to research and photograph for several assigned articles and possible book material for one of my main print editors on various eco-farming issues in the area -- the farmers' markets, local growing conditions, and a regional cottage food proclamation act circulating among the citizens. I met several people involved in that arena while there.

Another must-see: One late afternoon/evening we went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross on our way back from a photo shoot. It was stunning up there, especially as the lowering sun hit the rocks. As you can see in the photo to the right, there's a trolly that takes you there if you don't want to drive.

Lodging in Sedona: We decided to stay at the Briar Patch. It's right along the creek, and provided shady paths and cabins amidst the desert climate. Just a touch outside of main Sedona, we did have to drive to get to the main parts of Sedona, but felt it was worth it. It was quite peaceful with the pet sheep grazing in the center of the groves of trees.

Various healing modalities in Sedona: This location nurtures an interesting mixture of spiritual and philosophical beliefs -- from eastern philosophy to native American inspired slants to Course in Miracles.

As one example, another friend and now business associate I have in Sedona performs a variety of helpful and healing modalities that are very unique to her. Here's how she describes it:

"I do energy healing, and lots of what you could call intuitive life/soul coaching. I often use the tarot cards, and just tune in for the guidance. And that often leads to clearing energies, etc. I'm also doing quite a bit of leading folks in some healing ceremony out on the land in the red rocks. It has been so beautiful to experience."

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