Kirtan in Anacortes -- Another great group activity in our small island town

The daffodils were still blooming in my farm field and the tulips in the valley were opening as Kirtan in Anacortes this morning was happening. It was a very rainy day, almost drowned on the way to the Anacortes Center for Happiness ballroom where the Kirtan gathering is held every first Sunday.

So many beautiful sounds we sang together, some in English, some in Sanskrit or other languages. As the director described it, we automatically harmonized like a beehive. And then there was the silence in between chants that we also all held together for a few brief but perfect seconds.

Those silent seconds amplified by having just made beautiful sounds together are described as the frequency of oneness, or natural harmony, or Christ consciousness, where our busy Western minds can finally tangibly recognize and then create new pathways to the still small voice that wants to speak to us more often.

It felt as though all the folks there, around 20 or so, who had various spiritual and philosophical viewpoints, were all being honored in whatever their language was -- as Love, Christ, however we felt it, used that hour where two or more were gathered with the intent to join and love, to speak to us within in whatever way we could recognize.

For this particular Kirtan group gathering, the directer sat on the small low stage at the east end of the ballroom and faced the group. We had our choice of sitting on cushions or floor chairs, or on regular four-legged chairs around her. There was plenty of space behind all of us for those who wanted to get up and move to the sounds, and two or three did.

The director often played guitar with the chants. She'd first sing one phrase at a time while we repeated until it seemed we got it enough to try it, and then the actual singing together began.

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