Hire a professional old-fashioned postal mail penpal

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Thoughtful, postal mail, typed out letters on nice stationery to those you know who could use a genuine old-fashioned penpal. I know how to make my recipients feel validated and heard.

It’s becoming a lost art and forgotten form of connection, the kind of letters people used to send to each other via the post office. Many miss finding one-on-one heart-to-heart letters in the mailbox written just to and for them.

More about this penpal service:

I love people, and respond in detail to their letters sent to me with a listening ear in a way that lets them know their daily lives are interesting, their memories and life experiences are precious, and that they matter in the world. I also offer fun, honest, and real chit chat back to my penpals about life experiences and thoughts.

Non-sexual, platonic, and legal situations only.

Photos are not exchanged. This is about the unconditional acceptance one gets from written correspondence regardless of what either party looks like.

I do not push any political slants or religions. I see gifts in all viewpoints, and will validate your recipients’ point of view.

Recipients can include any USA English speaking person who can send typed letters back in some way (I’ve found hand-written letters too often difficult to decipher, so don’t accept them anymore. I want to know for sure every single word my penpals are saying).

Penpals include senior citizens and the elderly, the homebound, soldiers (male and female), even the incarcerated if I'm comfortable with the situation, although I correspond only with heterosexual females in that case to make sure a non-platonic temptation by the recipient is avoided.

I write as a late 50s aged female, which is the truth.

I do not do ghost letter writing -- pretending to be someone else or creating the wording for another to sign in their name. I’m a real, genuine penpal from the Pacific Northwest, USA who wants to get to know your recipient in a meaningful way.

Though I’ve been involved in professional writing for many years, I have been writing post office sent letters to penpals since I was 11 years old and have cherished each correspondence.

Purchasing my penpal service:

If my services are purchased as a gift from you to a recipient, I will keep the fact that it’s a purchase from you private if you prefer, and let the recipient know he or she was suggested by you as a possible penpal because we both like letter writing. Or, any modification of that which comes closest to the truth.

I can write the initial letter if you like. I must first get sufficient information about the recipient to create a meaningful, thoughtful introductory letter.

After the initial letter, I reply to all subsequent letters within 2 weeks of receiving the recipient's reply (usually sooner) sending up to two letters per month. If the recipient has written more than two letters per month to me, I will keep each one and thoughtfully consider each letter in responding to it when I send my own bi-monthly reply.

If recipient has not replied within a month, purchaser can choose ahead of time to have me write another letter, anyway.

If you would like, I will also send letters near certain holidays/birthdays regardless if I have received a letter back.

I simply request a minimum $49 donation* per letter.

Currently, you can either pay through guru.com so you can approve the letter before I receive payment. (At guru.com, you provide the funds into an escrow before I do my work. Then the funds are released to me once you approve. I can explain more about that once we begin communication.)

Or, we can come up with our own agreement and once you feel happy with this, I send you a Paypal invoice to begin work once invoice is paid.

The time it takes to read about a new recipient or read a letter from an ongoing recipient, consider heartfelt replies, occasionally research something they’ve mentioned so I can reply in greater depth, then type and print out the letter on nice stationery, address and drive the letter(s) to the post office, is usually about two hours total.

I keep my photo and actual house address private and will not ask to receive photos from my recipients, but my penpals send correspondence direct to my own P.O. Box number.

I send either the first initial letter or future response letters directly to your recipient (unless you prefer to provide a go-between address) with a copy sent via e-attachment to you.

I send invoices for each letter and begin the process once payment is documented.

I’ve known people who’ve had their mail stolen from their boxes, which is why I use a P.O. Box and take all letters directly to a post office to mail. I can’t be responsible for lost or stolen mail on the other end, but I can work with you to help you feel as secure about the mail as possible, such as sending letters certified.

Interests and life experiences:

Your penpal recipients may enjoy trading letters with someone who’s had similar life experiences. They may also be interested in someone who’s had experiences they haven’t had. (I know I like both situations!).

So, here are life experiences I’ve had from childhood on to adulthood. Remember, though, sometimes life experiences or interests aren’t the reason people want penpals. They just want someone who knows how to articulate directly to them in writing and who gets to know them via that form of communication. And, to find a personal letter just to them in the mailbox.


- West coast and Hawaii USA

- West coast Canada

- West coast Mexico

- Missouri, USA

- South Africa

- France

- London

- Switzerland

- Have ridden in/on trains, crazy out of country buses and “jeeps,” airplanes, helicopter, taxis, horses, horse carriages/carts, limos, ferryboats, speed boats, sailboats, lake rowboats, canoes.


- Ducklings and ducks

- Goslings and geese

- Chicks and chickens

- Lambs and sheep

- Goat kids and grown goats

- Kittens and cats

- Puppies and dogs

- Ponies

- Turtles

- Hamsters

- Guinea pigs

(The above are and were lifelong companions that enriched my life and whom I mourned considerably when they passed on).

- Pollywogs raised to frogs, then set free


- Temperate USA saltwater beaches

- Tropical saltwater beaches

- Temperate forests

- Desert

- Temperate rainforest

- Pacific Northwest islands

- Mountains

(Haven’t had much experience with natural prairie and rolling hills, but would love to know someone who has).

- Lakes

- Ponds

- Rivers

- Streams

- Enjoy butterfly and birdwatching


- Parenting

- Grandparenting

- Adoption

- Step-parenting

- Widowhood

- Mid-life crisis-induced abandonment by husband, his affair, and eventual divorce

- Deep soulmate re-marriage

- Being single as a widow

- Comedy of errors in attempting dating sites and dating as an adult

- Alcoholic relatives (I didn’t inherit the gene).


- Buying raw land and placing/building homes on it

- Home decorating mostly from second-hand

- Daycare assistant

- Elementary school volunteer and extracurricular paid teacher

- Softball coach assistant

- Graphic artist (old school)

- Writing poetry

- Food gardening

- Learning to read from the Dick, Jane and Sally books

- Playing hide and seek, kick the can, and kicksocker in the neighborhood as a child

- Hours of playing jacks and jump rope as a child

- Enjoying my grandparents’ small farmstead as a child

- Lemonade stands as a child

- Cooking: Homemade root beer, homemade ice cream, organic and artisan foods, old-fashioned comfort foods.

- Picking wild huckleberries and u-pick farm blueberries, strawberries, apples, cherries and filbert nuts.

- Playing with dolls and making felt clothes for them as a child

- Making my own paper dolls as a child

- Christmas caroling as an adult

- Making Easter egg trees

- Hunting for Easter eggs as a child, hiding Easter eggs as an adult

- Respectful and interested in various viewpoints from Christianity to secular science to metaphysical. Fascinated with native and folk traditions. If recipient prefers one specific viewpoint as Truth, then that’s the one we will focus on as Truth. I can speak and understand its language. After all, that’s the one that is real, and the only one that needs to be real, to him or her.

- Planting trees.

- Sleigh rides and sledding

- Swimming and playing in water with inner tubes

Once upon a time, many things we took for granted were free: A home cooked meal, someone to listen to us and offer advice, a neighbor to fix our pick-up or tractor, community to help build our new barn. And letters from special penpals like grandmas, aunts, and distant friends.

Now, we often hire those services. I take the artform of the written letter that makes another feel connected and eager to check the mailbox very seriously. The delayed gratification, the time spent responding in a personal way just to them, the validation and understanding without being a holier-than-thou counselor.

*(by calling the fee a "donation" I don't mean to imply I operate as a non-profit entity but rather that the fee is flexible. I live alone and this service helps me financially remain in my home doing what I love. However, I do offer a small number of penpal services for either free or a lower fee than $49. I currently have as many of those as I can financially handle. Yet even though the set fee can go lower, it can also go higher! I once had a very wealthy person hire me for a lovely lady I came to know very well until she passed on. His generous fees to me helped me make some much needed repairs on my home!)

Please correspond to me via the form below typing "RE: PENPAL" at the beginning of your inquiry.

Thank you -- Mary Rose.