Girls softball is spreading rapidly across the globe...

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Millions of girls from Africa to North America play softball, and the numbers are growing. It's a great group activity not only for the players, but the families who support their girls steams.

Girl Power!

Girls who play softball today have made the sport their own. A now famous female softball player who started out in baseball with the boys did very well in baseball. However, she switched to girls softball because girls cheer for each other, and have more fun!

Coaching girls softball or facilitating softball camps?

Are you coaching girls softball? As a fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball coach for girls, I've seen almost magical abilities when their female minds are put to good use rather than seen as a liability. Girls readily bond with their team under the right circumstances, and their sports intuition develops rapidly.

Don’t be surprised when they seem to know what their own teammates will do before they even do it! And they can learn to predict the opposing team’s moves quite well, also.

Why softball is so popular

Though baseball is well loved and considered the all-American sport, throughout softball's history, many continue to feel softball is even more fun to play and to watch. Brute strength isn’t as important, but graceful athletic skills are, and so are brains, quick thinking, ability to read body language, team bonding skills, intuition and strategy. The larger ball allows more hits, and softball offers lots of action!

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