Great softball fundraising ideas

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The best softball fundraising ideas earn plenty of money for the team in creative and/or easy low-risk ways. But also, girls softball teams actually play better together when the team has bonded more closely through a variety of group activities that allow them to come to understand each other in various settings.

Writing this article brings back memories of the fun team bonding that happened during those fundraising activities. And the money bought great softball uniforms and trips to far away tournaments.

Here are some favorite softball fundraising ideas that some of our editors or associates have used themselves, or have researched from other fundraising groups for the best of the best

The play-a-thon: Find another girls softball team and play a modified version of your sport together… with a twist. Each team up to bat allows every team member to bat. Once each softball player has batted, the other team comes up to bat. Simply let everyone bat regardless of how many outs are made.

Yet, each team still wants to get as many runs, hits, and outs as they can, because previously to the game, friends and family have been invited to a picnic to watch the game and pledge a certain amount of money (ten cents, for example) per out, per hit, and per run. (Anyone who pledges is invited, but not required, to attend.)

The team provides the picnic potluck style, everyone enjoys the game with less pressure to win but still challenged to do their best, and the teams get immense practice at all the basics used in softball.

Be sure to change the order of the batters each time the team is up, so one batter doesn’t always have to go last with no chance of staying on the bases to wait for the next batter. Although, you may still want to keep your usual batting order so the girls can also get practice on predicting the actions of their teammates who bat right before and after them during real games. In other words, start the fundraising game with batters 1—14. The next time you’re up, start with batter number 2 or 3, but maintain the same batting order as you do during games. Meaning the last batter in this case would be batter 1 or 2.

Add something extra to traditional softball fundraising ideas: To the traditional lemonade stand, add watermelon slices. They are irresistible! Offer a choice of organic apple juice with the lemonade. For bake sales, display a gift wrapped box of goodies passersby can choose if they want. That way you please the people who want baked items for regular consumption, and also those needing gifts. And, allow taste tests of small pieces of the baked products you’re selling.

For holding high earning fundraising events: The softball fundraising ideas described above are fun, casual ones where you easily organize the event yourself. For earning serious money (multiple $1000s), serious, large fundraising events can be the ticket, but they take a lot of organization. The downloadable Instant Event Fundraising System from our Clickbank business affiliate, helps with planning a fundraiser, including getting free publicity, drawing large crowds and earning top dollar. Events may include talent shows, dinner and dance auctions, carnivals, band concerts, magic shows, movie nights, costume and other theme parties, theatrical events, barbeques and food festivals, and holiday celebrations.

Softball fundraising ideas that take advantage of good timing:

Sometimes, it isn’t the unique fundraising product as much as the good timing that really makes a fundraiser work.

- One of our kids’ groups earned good money selling fresh-pressed cold apple juice during a run-a-thon. Parents donated apples, labor and a cider press. Kids did much of the work themselves. The runners bought it, and so did the onlookers.

- An article in our regional news told how a teen named Meghan earns hundreds of dollars selling hot apple cider, hot chocolate and cookies at Christmas when many people slowly drive through her neighborhood known for fancy Christmas lighting. Admittedly, most girls softball teams are trying to earn during the playing season. But if for any reason you need to earn funds during the off-season, this may be worth adapting as a softball fundraiser if anyone on the team has a home in a similar situation during the winter holidays.

- As another year-found softball fundraising idea and team bonding activity, have your girls softball team learn to make finger puppets as a sports team bonding group activity, or buy them wholesale. Sell them near Easter and Christmas when everyone needs basket and stocking stuffers.

- Another off-season softball fundraising idea: One group of girls earns money by offering a group babysitting night at their town’s community center on holidays like Valentine’s and New Year’s when parents are known to want to go out for the evening without the kids.

Plant sales as a softball fundraising idea:

Many three-inch cuttings can be taken from just one donated coleus houseplant to turn into new baby houseplants. Same with most other houseplants. Kids and adults alike can start a fundraising houseplant business either selling ongoing at grocery stores that give permission, or selling one time in conjunction with a garage sale fundraiser during the softball playing season.

Seeds for tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers can also be planted early indoors with the timing for them to be up and ready for sale at a future garage sale. I’ve found both houseplants and garden starts like these sell very well at garage sales.

Quick and easy fundraisers:

One of the simplest sports fundraisers is buying bulk items online at Zazzle, or at a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s, and reselling the items at a higher price at community events such as home sports games, parades or fairs. (i.e. Each item costs fifty cents, you sell for a dollar). If trying this, match what you’re going to sell to the personality of the crowd., such as single box juices at sports events or small bags of organic artisan pasta at a food event. Don't expect to sell a lot of commercial candy at a raw food vegetarian convention.

This does have some element of risk in that you have to pay upfront for items which may not all sell out. To lower risk, purchase non-perishables (such as box juices instead of fresh fruit) that can be stored while you find other outlets to sell the leftovers. Be sure, also, that purchased items can be legally resold. Most can, but some have restrictions.

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