Girls softball cheers and chants!

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Welcome to our page for girls softball cheers (or girls softball chants, whichever you prefer to call them).

We plan to add many softball cheers for girls as we continue to collect old favorites and compose new originals.

Cheers for girls softball are a long tradition in the sport and an important part of the game. Softball cheers are described as a great perk of playing girls softball.

Girls softball chants are sometimes just chanted to a rhythm, and other times, they are sung to a familiar folk or pop song melody. When that’s the case, we’ll let you know which song you sing them to.

Everybody loves girls softball cheers! They’re often funny on purpose, funny without meaning to be, and almost always encouraging.

When the team itself joins together in belting out girls softball cheers, it’s yet another subtle way to create team bonding for the softball team, so never encourage just the audience to participate, let the girls lead. Chanting or singing together has always had that effect with groups of any kind.

The cheers for girls softball here are ones we’ve either composed ourselves, overheard from various teams, or have been told about by softball players.

We’re presenting girls softball cheers that are either encouraging to their own teammates directly, or playfully boasting about their own team being the best, but are leaving out those that negatively single out one specific player from the opposing team.

In general, girls softball cheers fall into three categories: those for a specific batter/base runner, those for a specific fielder, and those for the entire team.

Enjoy our current softball cheers for girls, and visit again soon as we upload more.

Girls softball cheers for batters/base runners

(Name) - you're gonna drive that ball!
(Name) – c'mon -- give it your all!
Hit one for the team
Bring your girl in
Bring it all home
Let's win, win, win!

Big bad (Name)
Big bad (Name)
Rip it up the middle
Rip it up the middle
Boogie 'round the bases
Boogie 'round the bases
SLIDE in their faces
SLIDE in their faces
All the way home
All the way home

(Name) is her name
and softball is her game.
She's got home run on her mind
and, WHOO, she's lookin' fine!

4. (When a double is hit)
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
(name) hit a double, we're gonna shout it
(name), (name), who is she?
She hit a double, Whooey!

(Number) is her number
(Number) is her number
(Name) is her name
(Name) is her name
She's one reason
She's one reason
We're gonna win this game!
We're gonna win this game!

6. (Sung to National Anthem when someone hits a double, triple or homerun)

Oh, say can you see
With the sun in your eyes
When the softball is pitched
Oh how far that ball flies

Oh (Name) just hit that ball
Way up where the birds fly

From the ballpark in the green
To the blue in the sky

7. (For any base runner who safely crosses home plate to score)

(Name) is awesome!
(Name) is great!
(Name) has scored across home plate!

8. (Sung to the tune: Knick Knack Patty Wack Give the Dog a Bone: Player just finishing a homerun.)

This strong girl
She plays ball
And hits it over China's wall
With a knick knack patty whack
Let it now be known
(Player's name) has come running home

9. Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder if you are
Lonesome for a softball friend
Cuz (player's name) will hit and then
The softball will be hit so far
It will hang out with little star

Girls softball cheers for fielders

1. Scoop it up! Scoop it up!
   We like it! We like it!

2. (Sung joyfully only AFTER a great fly catch has been made. Don't chant this before or during the catch -- your outfield teammate doesn't want to hear out of context the term "please drop it" chanted by her friends while she's under pressure!)

A-tisket a-tasket
Her glove is like a basket
A batter smashed a ball to her
So hoping that she'd drop it
Please drop it, please drop it
The batter hoped she'd drop it
But (player's name) stretched out and caught the ball in her glove's pocket

Girls softball chants for pitchers

1.(Softball chant for fastpitch)
See that yellow ball
It’s a lightning bolt
When (pitcher's Name) – pitches
You’re gonna get a jolt!

2.(Softball cheer for fastpitch. Can use either the pitcher’s first or first and last name, whichever is closest to three syllables)

When (pitcher’s name) is on the mound
The ball flies fast as speed of sound!
When (pitcher’s name) is in the fight
The ball flies fast as speed of light!

3. (Softball chant for slowpitch)

The arc that hits the target
Is the pitch that (pitcher’s name) makes
See it hit the target
(Pitcher’s name) has what it takes!

Girls softball cheers for whole team

Our team's on fire
And we rock, rock
Our team's on fire
And we rock, rock
Grounders- we'll grab 'em,
Fly balls- we'll catch 'em,
Gloves down to the ground
Eagle eyes are all around
Our team's on fire
And we rock, rock!

2. (Could be sung by both teams when skies are getting cloudy)

Rain Rain stay away
We want to play softball today!!!

3. (One player leads or team divides in two groups)
(Lead or group one:) Who are we? (All or group two:) Team Name
(Lead or group one:) What do we do? (All or group two:) Play softball!
(Lead or group one:) Where do we do it? (All or group two:) On the softball field!
(Lead or group one:) Why do we do it? (All or group two:) To have fun!

4. (This has two versions depending on if your team has either black or white as a secondary color)

(Team color(s)) and black
(Team Name) attack!
We are here to play
So hip, hip hooray!


(Team color(s) and white
(Team Name) fight!
We are here to play
So hip, hip hooray!

5. (The old-time baseball song – Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out to the crowd

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks
I don’t care if I never get back

For it’s root, root, root for the (Team’s Name Plural)
If we don’t win it’s a shame

For it’s one! two! three strikes you’re out!
At the softball game

6.The ABC girls softball chant

Cheer us on to victory
Cheer us on to victory
We will hit the ball again
We will hit the ball again
We will hit some homers too
We will hit some homers too
W-X-Y and Z
W-X-Y and Z
We will make it look easy
We will make it look easy

Two pence, four pence
Six pence, a dollar!
All for (team name)
Stand up and holler!

Gather 'round children and you shall hear,
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.
He went up the alleys and down the streets,
Saying (team name) can't be beat!

5, 4, 3, 2
We're #1, can't be #2!
We're going to beat the whoopsies outta you!
Don't feel sad, don't feel blue,
We'll let you be #2!

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