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This hub is for innovative group educational activities focused on K-12, although most are for elementary ages, and some can be adapted to college level. It’s a favorite topic for me because I designed and/or facilitated educational activities during the “restricted eras” with budget cuts and strong controls focusing mainly on children passing specific tests, and also during the “creative eras” where teachers were given more freedom and/or had higher budgets.

I’ve also been involved in homeschooling and planning charter and private schools, which have sprung up and evolved possibly because of dissolution during the restricted eras. And, it appears public schools will be evolving as well, since the current president is hoping to reform them even more. The group learning activities here take all this into consideration.

Here’s what we offer so far in this education hub:

(Teaching Math Online: While we don't cover online math per se in this hub, one of our affiliates offers Making Math More Fun -- Math Games Package which has more than 450 engaging and colorful math games that are printable right from your computer. They make learning math fun and meaningful.)

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