Block Party Ideas & Neighborhood Community Activities

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The block party ideas and community activities in this hub have turned neighborhoods into supportive village sanctuaries amidst otherwise harsher global surroundings. Ever drive home in a sudden snow storm to see your driveway already shoveled? Do you remember neighborhoods where the kids were happy and well behaved? When neighbors bond through various community activities, something within the naturally social human seems to resurface.

Farmers and small town folks used to know this feeling well. Everyone starts to just naturally offer support and look out for one another’s safety. Neighbors enjoy the warm feeling of camaraderie.

Today we recognize that all humans need what farming communities had, whether urban, suburban, small town or rural.

Here are some neighborhood community activities this hub offers:

You may find as others have, that when community activities -- whether just for fun or more serious such as with organizing childcare -- call for cooperation, the innate ability to naturally care for our neighbors starts to grow. Even occasional neighborhood gatherings that call for unity of the group can change how neighborhoods operate 27/7, well after the party is over. The community activities on this page expand beyond the one-time fun they provide, and truly can transform.

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